Monday, July 12, 2010

When the dog eats the corn bread, make corn muffins

I left the corn bread that I had made from the box on the stove to cool while I ran to drop the girls off at the beach. When I returned, the dog had helped herself to the corn bread. Sigh. I can't blame her, it was delicious. So the only thing left to do was make corn muffins from scratch, which turned out much better than the corn bread from a box. Thanks Angel!

Add fresh corn off the cob for a sweet crunch!


Pair with Veggie Chili and Enjoy!


  1. Megan knows how to improvise on a lot of different levels.

  2. Do it LIKE a true TORRANCIANS.....PVERS would like go buy corn muffins from some stupid yuppie bakery in Manhattan or some shit.....

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  4. LOL - nice verbage TAK; you should TM Torrancians! |
    Megan is hands down the sweetest sous chef w/ the best recipes in The Entire Milky Way Galaxy [TEMWG]